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Fund Overview:

Hylee Capital in partnership with Aspen Funds is pleased to present, the Private Credit Fund, focused on providing credit to commercial real estate properties.

A dislocation in the capital markets has created a unique opportunity for non-bank lenders to provide capital through preferred equity, mezzanine debt & bridge loans.

This Fund will be focused on providing current cash yield and upside through profit share while investing in preferred positions in the underlying investment.

A Few Reasons Our Investors Are Loving This Fund:

  • Double-Digit Yield: Great return to investors
  • Regular Distributions: First distribution projected July, 2024
  • Option to Automatically Reinvest: Compound quarterly
  • Diversified Portfolio: Multiple assets, multiple markets
  • Co-Investing: Aspen management’s personal capital 

Why We Love This Opportunity –

  • High Current Yield: Focus on delivering monthly high current yields with quarterly profits for passive cash flow.
  • Preferred Position in Capital Stack: Investments prioritize payment before common equity holders, enhancing security.
  • Access to Capital: Optional liquidity after 2-year lockup.
  • Strong Sponsor Team: Aspen Funds, with 11+ years of experience, leads the Fund, ensuring expertise.
  • Alignment & Co-Investment: Management team co-invests personal capital, prioritizing preferred return for investors.
  • Diversified Portfolio: Investments span multiple projects, markets, and operators for enhanced stability.

Next Steps:

1. Watch the Private Credit Fund Webinar

Additional Resources:

  • Investment Opportunity Summary
2. Soft Commit
3. Schedule a call with Sarah


  • Minimum investment required $50K, receive benefit of lower 1.25% AUM fee by partnering with Hylee Capital
  • Must fund within first 30 days of Fund launch

*Performance shown are targeted returns and are not guaranteed.

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