We find and strategically improve apartment buildings in selected US market bringing the opportunity for investors to partner with us and make stable, above-market returns without having to be a real estate expert.

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Your gateway to profitable and passive real estate investments.

Are you tired of chasing money at work, the frustration of hefty tax bills, and lacking free time? At Hylee Capital, we understand your concerns. We specialize in commercial real estate investments across the US, offering top sales leaders a gateway to profitable and passive income streams.

Our approach is simple: we provide you with opportunities to invest in real estate without the hassle of being a landlord or dealing with maintenance issues. Say goodbye to exhausting work and unpredictable returns. With Hylee Capital, you can enjoy stable, above-market returns while reducing your tax burden.

We're here to guide you toward financial security, offering transparent investment opportunities that don't require you to be a real estate expert. No more feeling stuck in a cycle of chasing money. Our tried-and-true commercial real estate investments give you multiple passive wealth streams, allowing you to work less and free yourself from the dreaded golden handcuffs.

Let us help you diversify your portfolio and navigate uncertain economic times by investing in hard assets like real estate. With Hylee Capital, achieving your financial goals is within reach, without sacrificing simplicity or transparency.

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Our team finds deals in strong-growth markets using a targeted set of criteria.

We negotiate favorable terms and secure financing for the property.

How it works:


We offer the private investment opportunity to our community, and investors sign comprehensive legal documentation to participate in the deal.

deal closes

The deal closes, and our team is responsible for making sure the property value increases by improving the asset and operations.


Typically Investors receive cash flow quarterly and in 5-7 years get their original investment back, plus a share of the profits.

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aspen heights

Leavenworth, KS

forest creek

pin oaks


Fort Smith, AR

132 Units, Type C

Atlanta Purchase

136 Units, Type C

152 Units, Type C

Atlanta Purchase

114 Units, Type C


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Schedule a 1:1 call to join the investor community. This is required by the Securities Exchange Commission before we can offer you a live deal. Once you join the investor community, we will notify you immediately when deals come up, usually 2-4 times a year.

Cash flow is generally considered a return on invested capital. Taxes for properties are based on how much income and expenses the property had during the year. Because of the way that accelerated depreciation through cost segregation works, there is usually a non-cash expense reflected in losses on a K1 tax document in the early years. (Remember, for all tax related questions, always check with your own CPA because everyone's situation is different; we're just giving you some general direction).

Distributions are the cash flow you make quarterly from the investment. This money will be deposited directly into your bank account as passive returns.

The investment is illiquid. However, depending on why the investor needs the money and how much the property is worth, the company might be able to sell the investor’s portion of the investment at a certain market valuation to give the investor some cash.

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Learn How to Master the Art of Diversifying into Passive Real Estate Investing, Create Multiple Income Streams and Build Long-Term Wealth With Ease in this free e-book.

The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) requires us to have a brief qualifying call with all prospective investors. We will ask you a few simple questions to ensure you have full clarity on the investment and risks involved.

Please help us maintain SEC compliance by scheduling a call with Sarah in the calendar below. There will be no sales pitch or offer presentation. Simply a few SEC-required questions and time allotted to answer your questions. 

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There has never been a greater urgency to reach men and women behind bars. The cycle of generational incarceration is massive, but together we get to do something about it.

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