Investing in multifamily deals as a limited partner (LP) can often feel like a theoretical exercise or just numbers on a spreadsheet. In this case study, we will examine the Forest Creek project in Atlanta, Georgia, and explore the key highlights, challenges faced, outcome of the project, and lessons learned.

Key Highlights:

  • Forest Creek was an off-market deal acquired through a trusted broker, allowing for a better price negotiation.
  • The property had a favorable price per door ($56,000) and was located in an area where value-add opportunities were abundant.
  • The project was secured with stable long-term fixed-rate agency debt, providing financial stability.

Challenges Faced:

  • Staff turnover was a significant challenge, with multiple regional and onsite managers within a year, impacting operational efficiency.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused rent delinquencies and challenges in evicting non-paying tenants due to government-imposed moratoriums.
  • The property’s location in a residential neighborhood limited marketing potential but provided a quiet environment for tenants.
  • The large prepayment penalty on the debt affected the project’s overall return.

Outcome of the Project: Despite the challenges faced, the Forest Creek project achieved an annualized return of 15% and exceeded the projected return of 20%. The property was sold within two years, providing investors with a respectable return on their investment. This outcome showcased the resilience of the project and the ability to navigate obstacles while still generating favorable returns.

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Forest Creek – Investing in Multifamily Deals

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